Putting an end to impaired driving.

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girl in van imageDrinking and driving kills. The message is undeniable and the consequences so easy to avoid. There‘s friends’ couches, car services like Uber and now Hill Street, yet 4 Canadians lose their lives in crashes involving alcohol and/or drugs every. single. day.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada has been working for nearly 30 years to stop impaired driving and support victims of this violent crime. We’ve all seen that little red ribbon and know we’re a little safer because of it. MADD Canada’s commitment to improving legislation, providing youth education programs, and raising public awareness has helped save thousands of lives over the years.

And we’re doing everything we can to help out. We produce award-winning, alcohol-free bevvies and devote 10% of our sales to supporting MADD Canada. So your part is ridiculously easy, just stock up on some tasty Hill Street bevvies or click/tap that big ‘Donate’ button. Cheers to smarter choices.